International Sketchnote Camp 2017


International Sketchnote Camp

We are glad that you are interested in the first International Sketchnote Camp 2017 which is going to be hosted in Hamburg, Germany on September 22- 23, 2017.

We will start on Friday afternoon with a series of free workshops and a Get Together where you can meet fellow sketchnote enthusiasts. The actual camp on Saturday will be in Barcamp format. After the camp you can join us for dinner at a scenic Hamburg location!

The camp and the preliminary workshops will be a great opportunity to finally meet a lot of online friends from the sketchnoting community in person #IRL.
We are looking forward to having you there with us!

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Tickets are now available here.


You want to know more about our event?
Listen to our podcast with us and Mike Rohde

What are Sketchnotes?

In this wonderful short film, Diana explains what Sketchnotes are all about

We will meet in the amazing city of Hamburg.
Check out this view!
Are you in?

Hamburg Speicherstadt

Hamburg Speicherstadt (Source: Pixabay)