Present a session

The International Sketchnote Camp 2018 is organized in a Barcamp format, where every attendee is welcome to volunteer to present a 60 minutes session. If you would like to present a session in one of the topics of the main tracks of the event (Business, Education, Sketchnote Technique), or in anything else related to Sketchnotes, please, contact us by Twitter @Sketchnote_Camp or by email.


We have already some people that volunteer to present a session. Check below by alphabetic order…

Lorraine Kasyan – Make Learning Stick – Educators who Sketchnote

Visual images enhance deep learning. You want students to remember? Add an image. You want them to learn? Have them create that image. Come practice the strategies used by educators to facilitate sketchnoting in their classrooms to deepen student learning. We will model the introduction of visual note taking for students as well as looking … Continue reading Lorraine Kasyan – Make Learning Stick – Educators who Sketchnote

Makayla Lewis – Live Sketchnote-A-Long

Makayla will facilitate a live offering hands-on practice e.g. rapid sketching, visual dictionary, and style and structure. Attendees will be in-person and on-line, offering an opportunity to meet, draw, and share with new Sketchnoters. Format: Hands-on session Length: 60 minutes Bio By day, Makayla Lewis is a research fellow in human-computer interaction, cyber security, … Continue reading Makayla Lewis – Live Sketchnote-A-Long

Katharina Theis-Bröhl – Sketchnotes in Education & Science

Katharina Theis-Bröhl will present a session Sketchnotes in Education and Science. The session will cover topics like: how can sketchnotes help students for a better understanding; use of sketchnotes for scientific talks; discussion with the participation of Michael Clayton, Rob Dimeo and Lorraine Kasyan.  

Karin Perry, Holly Weimar – Sketchnoting in School

Visual notetaking is an activity that all people will benefit from using. Listeners, thinkers, and collaborators have always found simple drawings help them express themselves and help others understand what they are communicating. Many famous writers and historical figures are known for their idle sketches. Jack Kennedy drew in meetings, John Keats drew when writing, … Continue reading Karin Perry, Holly Weimar – Sketchnoting in School

Rob Dimeo – How Sketchnotes Made Work Just a Little Bit More Like Play

Since learning to sketchnote in 2014, Rob has used sketchnotes in nearly every aspect of his work. He even published some sketchnotes in technical journals. He nurtures a small, growing community of sketchnoters at NIST through workshops and bi-weekly meetups, for skill building and informal discussions. Sketchnoting has transformed the way rob approaches numerous aspects … Continue reading Rob Dimeo – How Sketchnotes Made Work Just a Little Bit More Like Play